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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 13 12/2012
The end of the year 2012 is quickly approaching!
Dear Clients and Readers, Dear Friends!

This latest winter newsletter is the perfect opportunity for us to extend our best wishes for a very happy holiday season. We thank you for your loyalty and hope that 2012 ends most successfully for all.

The great care we take in selecting our Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds is continuously rewarded by the marvellous creations you design. Each new photograph is a source of pride and satisfaction and motivates us to continue.

We are busy preparing our new colour grading card for the upcoming INHORGENTA MUNICH trade fair that will take place from 22 – 25 February 2013 and think you’ll be surprised!

Here’s to another year of working together!

From our Collection: 
A Round, Fancy White, Brilliant Cut Stone, weighing 0.41 ct

This time, we are presenting a mysterious “white” diamond, an appropriate colour for the season. Its colour is defined as “Fancy White”, not to be confused with colourless diamonds. Its white colour is due to small white inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. Its clarity is graded SI.

The “frozen” appearance of the stone gives it a rather cool charm – a very special feature at a small price!

If you are interested in this stone, please contact us at:

Telephone: +49 (0)30 44 34 17 77

Our 2012 Donation
From our long experience, we know how important it is not just to read about Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, but also to look at them with one’s own eyes. This is why we have decided this year to use our donation to support young talent in our industry.

The idea of supporting the teaching of the German Gemmological Association in Idar-Oberstein by donating an assortment of Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds was suggested to us by our colleague Mrs. Noell. In June of this year, she participated in a diamond grading course there and found that most of her classmates had never actually seen any Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds.

Yellow and brown Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds are the most common on the market. Accordingly, we have compiled two colour series, one in the champagne colours C1 - C7 and the other in yellow tones ranging from Fancy Light Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow. The Institute’s students will now have an opportunity to study and observe Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds directly.

All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
Our Gift Ideas
Book and Audiobook
The Ninth Stone – An exciting mystery novel about a legendary Indian diamond.

Ice Road Truckers – Dangerous and profitable: the longest ice road in the world.

Illustrated Book
Diamond Divas – A wonderful coffee table book in honour of famous divas, exceptional diamonds and precious jewellery.

Sales Record for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
Fancy Deep Blue
Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds repeatedly achieve record prices at auctions. On Wednesday, 14 November 2012, a Fancy Deep Blue briolette cut diamond weighing 10.48 carats was auctioned off by Sotheby’s during the Magnificent Jewels autumn auction in Geneva.

British jeweller Laurence Graff, who founded Graff Diamonds in London in 1960, purchased the stone for USD 10 860 000, a per carat record price of USD 1 040 000. The auction house obtained more than three times the estimated value for this multi-faceted gem stone.

Martian Pink
This past spring, during the Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong, Christie’s auctioned off a very rare 12.04 ct Fancy Intense Pink round diamond, known as the Martian Pink, for USD 17 400 000. The Martian Pink is the largest Fancy Intense Pink diamond ever offered at auction.

The original owner of the stone was the famous New York jeweller and diamond merchant Harry Winston. Ronald Winston, his son, felt the colour of the diamond was so intense that he named the stone Martian Pink, in honour of the first landing on the Mars, the red planet, in 1976.
Discovered for you

Gemmology Corner
The Diavik Diamond Mine and the Ice Road
The Diavik diamond mine is located on an island in the Lac de Gras, northeast of Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories of Canada and 220 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle.

Heavy loads and dangerous goods can only reach the mine during the winter months and only during a short period from February to early April by using the Tibbitt to Contwoyto winter ice road. All the gold and diamond mines in the area are serviced by this road.

Each year, at the beginning of the season, truckers from all over America come to the Tibbitt to Contwoyto winter ice road with their huge tractor trailers to earn their whole year’s salary in just sixty days. During this time, they are exposed to dangers and fatigue, accentuated by the ice road’s extreme conditions.

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