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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 15 06/2013
Colours, Records and an Ideal
Dear Clients, Readers and Friends,

This year has brought us a few changes. After four years spent with DOMINIK KULSEN AG, our colleague Aline Trachsel has decided to pursue new challenges elsewhere. We wish her a very successful future. At the same time, we are pleased to welcome Rahel Ngoie-Schlittler back to our Swiss team.

The spring trade fair INHORGENTA in Munich was a great success. Throughout the many stimulating conversations with our customers, we couldn’t help but notice once more their enthusiasm for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds. During our visit to BASELWORLD, we were again captivated by the variety, size and beauty of the coloured diamonds on display.

Inspired by all these impressions, we dedicate this newsletter to the exceptional Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds which have achieved top prices at auction, sensational finds and the “ideal” brilliant cut.

Happy reading!

Juliane Hennig
2013 Swiss Goldsmith Design Championship
The awards ceremony for the Swiss Goldsmith Design Championship took place on 8 April of this year at the Culture and Connection Centre Lucerne. The works of 77 budding goldsmiths in their fourth year of training were in competition in the categories of design and techniques.

For the fifth time, the two competitions were held at the same time. The promoters are Daniel Gut (St. Gallen) and Christoph Brack (Winterthur). DOMINIK KULSEN AG lent its support to the championship in the design category by supplying rough natural coloured diamond cubes.

Respecting the theme of “Joyful–Playful”, innovative and playful pieces of jewellery were created.

From our Collection:
A Fancy Deep Yellow Orange 0.44 ct Radiant Cut Diamond
In keeping with this year’s orange theme, we are presenting here a delicate, yet flamboyant radiant cut diamond that will be sure to move you. This stone and its sunny disposition would be perfect as a solitary stone for a ring. It has a SI clarity grading and its dimensions are 4,50 x 4,29 x 2,57 mm.

If you are interested in this stone, please feel free to contact us:

Telephone:  +49 (0)30 44 34 17 77
All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
The Princie Diamond - Record Sale at Christie's
On 16 April 2013, Christie’s New York sold a  Fancy Intense Pink  cushion  cut diamond  weighing   34.65 ct for USD 39 323 750, that is to say USD 1 135 00 per carat. It was sold in only a few minutes to an anonymous buyer over the phone.

Thus, the Princie Diamond has become the most expensive diamond ever sold by Christie’s and the second most expensive diamond ever sold at auction. First place is held by the Graff Pink, a Fancy Intense Pink diamond, weighing 24.78 ct. Laurence Graff purchased the stone in 2010 at Sotheby’s for a record price of USD 46 160 000.

Fancy Vivid Blue Diamonds
Blue is one of the rarest and most valuable natural diamond colours. This is why the discovery of a Fancy Vivid Blue diamond weighing 25.50 ct has created a real stir. The rough stone was found in April of this year in the Cullinan diamond mine run by Petra Diamonds in South Africa. The diamond’s value has been estimated by experts at about USD 10 000 000.

The Cullinan diamond mine is famous for producing blue diamonds of the highest quality. Not surprisingly, a blue diamond found there in 2008 was auctioned off by Sotheby’s in May 2009 for USD 9 490 000. The 26.58 ct rough stone was reduced to 7.03 ct and given a cushion cut. The diamond’s colour has been indicated as Fancy Vivid Blue and its clarity as flawless. It is known as the Star of Josephine.

The Fancy Royals
On 30 April 2013, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated her throne to her son Willem-Alexandre. A million visitors came to celebrate the “Orange” event and the new king was greeted with thunderous applause.

On the occasion of the new king’s coronation and in honour of the Dutch royal house of Orange-Nassau, the traditional Royal Asscher jewellery company has launched a special jewellery collection called the Fancy Royals, set with orange diamonds and sapphires.

This collection is made up of three models of the same pavé diamond rings available in 18 ct white or yellow gold and in silver. The gold rings are each set with 1.50 ct of orange diamonds and 0.70 ct of white diamonds. The silver ring is set with 1.99 ct of orange sapphires and 0.70 ct of white diamonds. For the occasion, the jewellery has been adorned with a crown motif.

Gemmology Corner
The Brilliant Cut - Part 3: The "Ideal" Brilliant Cut
In Part 2 of our series, we presented the modern brilliant cut and showed how the laws of optics were used by stone cutters to achieve maximum brilliance and fire.

Whereas up until the beginning of the 20th century the various brilliant cuts used in the industry developed in practice, theoretical calculations based on the optical and physical properties of diamonds were subsequently used to determine the symmetry and proportions of the “ideal brilliant”.

You will receive our next newsletter in September 2013.

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